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Vonage Complaint - Vonage - vontage telephone service
Vonage Complaint

Vonage Complaint


Vonage - vontage telephone service

I contacted vonage 01/30/09 to request service and was charged 26.54. I learned the following day that I needed internet connection to use the service and attempted to get internet service for 3 days. I was informed that internet service was not available in my area and could take up to 7 months to get. I contacted vonage to cancell the service (30 day money back Guaranteed). I requested the cancellation service 02/03/09, 5 days after requesting the service, well inside of the 30 day return policy. I was told that I would be charged $39.99 for the cancellation but would get that refunded back to me once they received their equipment. I sent the equipment back next day delivery and they received it at 9:25 am. I have the tracking information, tracking # 1ZR198020144635376 signed for by LESKO. I contacted vonage and informed them that they have their equipment back and provided the delivery information. I was then told that I may not receive my credit for 7 more days. Because I've been given the run-around for several days, lied to and hung up on I fear I may not get my money back. I have returned their equipment, cancelled before the 30 day return policy expires and have had to call every day because every day I'm told something new to hold up my refund. I even had one rep insist that I didn't make the 30 day requirements for the refund. I don't know what else to do so I'm reporting this to your office, FTC and the Better Business Bureau. This company's return address is:

Vonage Returns
c/o BBB International
1100 Towbin Ave.
Willow Tree Dock
Lakewood, NJ 08701

My Return Authorization number is CNLLOSNWA. Vonage Finance Dept gave me this number. You really have to know what department to ask for to get what you want.

I've spoken to the following people for the past 5 days and each call lasted aprooximately 45 min - 1 Hour.

Sheridan (Supervisor)
Lynn (Finance)
Jennifer (Finance)
Kathleen (Finance)
Joseph (Rep)
Allen (Rep)
and several others who either hung up or would not give their names.

It's best to stay calm even though I know you want to jump in their shxx!.
When they keep repeating the same thing over and over start to talk when they are talking and don't stop until they stop. BUT never raise your voice or curse because that will give them a reason to hang up. Be persistant to speak to someone on the next level. They will tell you whatever they can think of so they don't have to transfer but eventually they will transfer you but you'll be on the phone for a long time. The longer you are on the phone the more money they are loosing. I've reported vonage to the Better Business Bureau, the NJ Attorney General and FTC. To stop a company like this one people have to speak out.

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vwmania1 says: (9 years ago)
I called customer care and I too had problem with them. I requested to cancel my account and they gave me the run around. They offered me two months for free and would not give me their return address. When they finally gave me the address to return the equipment, the representative gave me the wrong one. I'm extremely disappointed with Vonage.

voiprev says: (9 years ago)
Go to http://voiprev.com/voip-reviews/vonage/ and add your rating, review, and comment on Vonage voip service. Others shopping for voip service would surely appreciate hearing your reviews on Vonage.

teacher2 says: (9 years ago)
The same thing happened to me...cancelled after 10 days and was never refunded. THEY SUCK!

Ricco says: (9 years ago)
Listen to my Story you will learn something new Thrust me ^_-:
I Change over to Vonage on 07/28/09, found out their service sucks after 14 days of having them, So i called my old Phone company back (Time Warner) on 08/14/09 and they said changes were not going to take effect until 08/28/09 which is exactly the last day of my 30ths day free trial period at Vonage, here is what you might not know listen carefully my phone company submitted a PORT OUT REQUEST and sends it to VONAGE so they can start doing the necessary changes before transferring to my old phone company since I was keeping the same phone #, (Now this is very important if you just call Vonage to cancel you account the phone # will be drop and you will not be able to get it back.)
I Called Vonage an asked them to give me the date in which they received the PORT OUT REQUEST from the phone company I’m with now (Time Warner) this way I can validate if my account was send to be terminated Before/or on the 30ths day.

They put me on hold for a good while and then decided to give me my money back, I kept pushing it by asking for them to send me an e-mail validating the date they received the PORT OUT REQUEST from TIME WARNER -they said they could not give out such INFORMATION.

AT last I was told to ship the equipment back but the CUSTOMER SERVICE agent Did not tell me The following:
[All Phone Adapter returns must include a Return Authorization Voucher (RA Voucher).]

Additional information:
Time Warner told they started charging me from the time my phone line was transferred over to them
Which is was on the 08/28/09.

According to Vonage, they did not cancel my account until 09/01/09 which is 4 days after the day of my 30 day trial period which ended on 08/28/09.

Please contact me if you want to make a law

jcfastey1938 says: (10 years ago)
this is a bad, crooked company

jcfastey1938 says: (10 years ago)
This is a crooked company

jcfastey1938 says: (10 years ago)
Do not

jcfastey1938 says: (10 years ago)
I feel this is the worse company I have ever dealt with.I am going to return this unopen box and fight them all the way to the supreme court if I have to,for taking my money without my knownedge or consent.I had/have not even the the box.they had taken my money out already.I found this out when I checked my bank account the same day I received the box from them.
I am going to my bank monday April 20th to file legal charges against them and file fraud charges also.They did not have my approval or consent to with draw any money from my bank account.Nor did they tell me when I called and order their phone service that I had to give them $90,06 up front I am sending there unopen box back to them.follow the saying "BUYER BEWARE" and stay away from this company. Every thing I see on this web site is true. They are not only awful but lets call a spade,a spade" they are downright "crooks,BUYERBEWARE"

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