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Vonage Complaint - A BETTER WAY TO GET RIPPED OFF - Phone VIOP ADAPTER and Service
Vonage Complaint

Vonage Complaint



To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Helene Brown my previous account number with your company is 1007176229. I order your services online on 7-15-08. The service arrived and the 1st box did not work. I have spent Numerous amount of time troubleshooting with your technical support department. We finally go the box to work, however this was not consistent. The box then started to go into rapid error codes 3, 2, 5, 6. After about 2 weeks your technical support department determines that the box was no good and would need to send me a new one. Well I did receive another box; and another box, please let the record show the boxes arrived the 2nd one did not work at all. The Third box worked; however, it would still have to complete your reset process periodically. Well about two weeks ago the third box started to go into rapid error codes 5, 6, 2, after trying to reset and this process became unsuccessful again I called to cancel your services. The representative that answer the phone told me that he would give me a month's credit and would I give Vonage another changes. I told the representative the service is good when it works the problem was the service did not work continuously and the Fax service I order in August has never worked yet I was paying Vonage 52.94 cents a month. I explained that I would rather pay SBC or AT&T $100 for a service that I can use than to pay less for a service that never worked and I was basically wasting my money. I have paid your company 476.46 since July for nothing… Your representative offered me a Months credit and told me to call back to speak with the advance technical support department when I made it home. I told you representative that a month’s credit was not doing me a favor because I have paid you all (476.46) since July for a phone service that did not work properly or consistently and from August for a Fax service that has never worked.

However, the representative promised that your level 1 technical support would not waste my time when I call back they would give me the level 4 Advance technical support department. Well when I called back on March 15th the level 1 technical support person wanted to tell me how they would need to troubleshoot with me before they could send me to the technical support department. I tried explaining my conversation with your cancellations department and the representative basically ignored me. However, as soon as I threaten to cancel again, the representative transferred the call.

On March 17h I was able to speak to your advance technical support department again. I told him if this did not work I had explained to the cancellation department that I would be canceling the service. He asked me to give him a chance to trouble shot the equipment. We walked through every process for over 2 hours. After this point he had me to take the data cord and place one in yellow Vonage port and one end in the blue. The then asked what type of lights was on the Vonage. I told him and him then said the third device was defective and the blue port was no good. Now he is requesting that I let him send me a new device, please note this would be the forth device that I have received from you company since July. I agreed to let him send the 4th box. When the technical support person got ready to order the box it said my account was in grace status. I became very upset about this and restated all the information you will find in the 1st part of this email. I also was appalled that the cancellation representative did not give me the 1 month credit that he promised I would get for given you all another chance. The advance technical support guy felt my pain and made the adjustments to send the new box. I received the new box on March 18th and called the advance technical support department. Again I was on my cell phone with your technical support department. I would like to pause and say all of these calls have been made on my cell phone. (Costing me more money) although I am paying your company for phone services.

Well, back to the matter at hand the advance technical support guy troubleshooting the new device for 1 hour and 25 min., before he told me that he was not sure and he would need to trouble shoot with Comcast. Well I am not that advance in technical support department when it comes to Comcast equipment so I told him I would need to let my son’s father contact them when it got in. He said that would be find and would call me back after my phone charged because he wanted to do one more step. He calls back about 1 hour later and wanted me to walk through another step. I told him I was tired and he would need to speak to Byron Sr. he told me okay just have him call. Byron came in on Saturday and called he spoke to the Advance tech with Comcast on the phone, they troubleshooted on his cell phone for at least 2 hours are was unable to get the box to work. Byron Sr. informed the guy that I would be canceling do to none service the technician said okay. I called to cancel the service on this afternoon at about 5:00pm CST time. I had already mailed your boxes back along with your cords and manuals under your return label with UPS. The return label was given to me because I refused to pay any more money out of my pocket Vonage. (Although your representative had the audacity to ask me again). Anyway, I called and spoke to your cancellation representative name Ms. Whelle-56397 she informed me that I would have to pay for the boxes until they were returned. As you may already know I did not take this very well and she said she would speak to her supervisor to see what she could do. I asked on several occasion to get a supervisor. She kept telling me one was not available. When I refused to hang up and demanded the supervisor and the account is cancelled. She decided she would view UPS tracking information to verify that the package was dropped off and would be in transit to your location. She kept putting me on hold and then came back and said she need to credit the charges and I would have to pay $39.99 for the cancellation fee. I was already upset and this did not help. Again, I requested to speak to a supervisor for the 5-6 times within our phone conversation. She kept telling me that the supervisor would tell me the same thing and I would have to write a letter disputing the charges. After she completed the cancellation the charge came across as 55.94 instead of 39.99, she then said this was some form of tax on the cancellation. I informed her again I would need to speak to a supervisor, after 1 hour 20in 05 sections, a supervisor name Leo Rodriguze-34131 gets on the phone and tell me that he was the supervisor and how could he help me. I asked for his name and then shared my concerns. This person should not be a supervisor he did not say one word, he never apologized, he never acknowledge my concerns. I literally had to ask him did he not even care to speak to me because he was so quite. He then commented he was documenting my concerns and what more did I want him to do. I told him nothing and to have a good night,

As you will see, I have dully noted all of my experience with your company. I am beyond offended that a company could be so unappreciative of its customers. Also, that you can consistently take my money since July for the phone and August for the Fax (which you will note never worked) and feel no remorse. I would like to see my charges reverse and so some form of discipline for the lack of customer serve received. Please note phoning for less is nice when it comes with workable service and excellent customer service. Again, I believe now my Grandmother was right you get what you pay for.

Also, I asked the representative for your phone numbers, but she told me she could only give me an address. However, I Google the local office and received the following information and found other customers with similar complaints.


Therefore, it appears your comment has a practice for mistreating faithful and true customers

If you are concern about my experience with your company and would like to speak to me you may call

The above is the letter I sent to there corportate office and the only reply I received was from fake CSR

Dear Helene Brown,

Thank you for contacting Vonage, the award winning digital phone service!

I understand you were unable to use our phone adapter and you disconnected your service.

I checked our records and found that your account was disconnected on March 23, 2009. Hence you were charged for the disconnection fee, rebate recovery fee plus taxes.

Please do note that if you disconnect the service after 30 days Money Back Guarantee, you will be charged a disconnection fee of $39.99 per voice line, subject to applicable state and local laws. If your service was activated on or after February 1, 2007 and is disconnected after two (2) years following your activation date, the disconnection fee is waived. Please follow the web link given below to learn more about Terms of Service and refer Section 8.7:


Please also review the Terms of Service Section 8.8 "Recovery Fee":

The rebate instant credit is cancelled and you will be charged for the balance price of the equipment, if you disconnect Vonage service between the end of Money Back Guarantee period and 12 months of service. You do not have to return the device if you disconnect the service within the above period.

I also found that you have not returned your defective phone adapter with the WAN MAC Address 00234D07A9A5. I request you to return your phone adapter to Vonage, your Return Authorization (RA) number is 2E55ECK1S0. Please visit the web link to learn more how to return your phone adapter to us:


Helene, I found that your email is truncated and I am unable to extract the exact query from your email. Please send the complete email to assist you further.

If you have any questions, your Vonage team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us whenever and however it suits you!

They had not concern about the fact that they have ripped me off for 9months and now are taking my money for fees they did not disclose. Please save yourself the trouble go with a creditable phone company that cares about there customers. This company only cares about ripping us office to pay there law suites.

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